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The website will attempt to guess which country you are visiting us from, but mistakes happen. Be sure to choose your country prior to clicking “Checkout”. Once in checkout, the country to which you can ship your order is “hard-coded” to the region selected while you shopped at ZGift. This is done in order to allow our payment processor to know the correct shipping rates.

Check that the correct shipping country and region are selected by choosing your country from the Region & Currency menu at the top of the page.

The ZGift design editor allows you to change colors, sizes, borders, positioning, rotation, and it even lets you add an “arch” or “arc” effect to text.

To launch the design editor, browse to a design and choose the “Edit” button. You can also edit the design while viewing a final product by clicking on the “Design” tab

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing involves a special type of large-format printer using special types of ink that are designed to permanently bond to fabrics. DTG printing can result in phenomenally detailed designs on t-shirts and other apparel, and this is the method used by to produce most of our products.

Direct to garment printing - production process of a t-shirt being printed

To learn more about Direct-to-Garment printing, visit the Wikipedia article on that topic by clicking on this link.

Orders are printed “on demand” and therefore may be subject to additional shipping times when the printers get backed up. In general, orders that are printed in the same region to which they are shipped should take only 1 - 2 weeks. Before placing your order, you may want to take a look at the “Pricing & Shipping” tab when viewing a product, and scroll down to “Inventory Status.” Here you'll be able to find out where your product is most likely to be printed. If you live in the United States but the item you order is only in stock in Europe, please add at least a week to the anticipated shipping time to receive your order.

Our orders go through a 3-step quality check before they ship out. However, if a damaged or mislabeled item was accidentally let through our quality control, or was damaged during shipment, we take full responsibility and provide a free replacement. You will need to take photographs detailing the issues and send a request via e-mail (including the photographs) to ZGift Support at and we will respond with further instructions (or we will respond with additional questions) as quickly as possible.

Due to the “print on demand” nature of our products, as a general rule we cannot accept returns due to reasons such as “wrong size” or “buyers remorse;” however, we may make an exception to this policy on a case by case basis. Exceptions are made at our sole discretion. To ask for an exception to the return policy, please e-mail ZGift Support at and describe your issues as thoroughly as possible.

Contact ZGift Support

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail at

Please note that while we typically respond in less than one business day, it may take longer during peak times.

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